PCPE Presentation: A Philosophical Investigation Into Seasteading

I gave a presentation on the Prague Conference on Political Economy recently. The thesis of my talk was that one core focus of political philosophy is to deal with the realities of value pluralism and political disagreements. I contended that the most common form of social organization, representative democracy, does not satisfactorily deal with these realities. Therefore, we should look for political possibilities beyond representative democracies and that in order to discover these possibilities, we should experiment with new forms of social organizations. By approaching the issue from a Nozickean meta-system level perspective and realizing that governments are resistant to structural societal changes we should then introduce competition into the industry of governments. Seasteading, the creation of habitable dwellings on the oceans, could serve as a means for entrepreneurs to introduce more competition into the industry and lessen political tensions between citizens who hold different comprehensive doctrines. It may sound like a crazy idea, but I truly believe that the profit potential that seasteads will offer are enormous and that the creation of micronations and startup cities – either on land or on the oceans – will become more common within the next 25 years.

You can find my entire powerpoint presentation below.


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