Let’s celebrate the SAFE Network Launcher

How joyful! The long awaited and highly anticipated SAFENetwork Launcher has been released two days ago.

The MaidSafe team has done an excellent job. I am surprised how clean the user interface is and how easy to set it all up. I totally agree with the following statement of Dallyshalla which was posted on the SAFE Network forum:

“It is amazing how easy it is to host a website with SAFE; This is truly empowering… no more name server etc complexity wildness anymore!! Wow,..

Indeed evolutionary, MaidSafe Bravo :clap:
A global website hosting: as simple as this: And no monthly fees!!!! No more lost data, easy to use, and fun to host your own website. And post publication management is also easy. wow.”

I hope the SAFE Network will rapidly expand from here, and that SAFE will rise to the moon! See here a screenshot of one of many newly hosted websites on the test Network:

Safe to the moon

You too can get started easily. Just go here, and follow the instructions at the end of this post.

If you have never heard of MaidSafe and the SAFE Network, but are interested in finding out its groundbreaking potential, then you should watch this short introductory video:



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