Homeschooled weirdoes and the culture of conformity

I just read this awesome article on FEE, entitled Homeschooled weirdoes and the culture of conformity.
Homeschooled kids may come off as ‘weird’ and their weirdness is truly due to the fact that they are simply differently socialized from those who are traditionally schooled. However, as Diane Flynn Keith says it:
“I hate to be the one to break it to you, but there’s nothing “normal” about our kids. Your homeschooled child is odd compared to the schooled population because they have not experienced ongoing school-based socialization and standardization. …
They haven’t been indoctrinated in the same way. They have not been steeped in the popular consumer culture to the degree that most schooled kids have been. They are not adult-phobic and peer-dependent.”
They are just considered ‘weird’ by their traditionally schooled peers, because they are not as much assimilated into the mainstream culture of conformity. Without the oppressive schooling experience that most children sadly have to endure, they are less likely to expect everyone else to think or behave the same as they do. When they see a person that acts differently, their semantic reflex is not “that kid is a weirdo”. Instead, they think “I don’t get him” or “I’m not into the same stuff he is”.
Homeschoolers outperform

2 thoughts on “Homeschooled weirdoes and the culture of conformity

  1. I’m surprised by how many benefits there are. But that “indoctrination,” some may say, is a good thing because the majority are “conformed.” Maybe a homeschooled student may find college difficult because of the new schooling system.

    • Hm… Homeschooled students on average are much more mature and more advanced in their learning. They probably find college too easy. 😉 It’s funny how, throughout our lifetimes, we are told to find our own authenticity. But then again, we disdain those who are too different – too weird in our eyes.

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