Let’s celebrate the SAFE Network Launcher

How joyful! The long awaited and highly anticipated SAFENetwork Launcher has been released two days ago.

The MaidSafe team has done an excellent job. I am surprised how clean the user interface is and how easy to set it all up. I totally agree with the following statement of Dallyshalla which was posted on the SAFE Network forum:

“It is amazing how easy it is to host a website with SAFE; This is truly empowering… no more name server etc complexity wildness anymore!! Wow,..

Indeed evolutionary, MaidSafe Bravo :clap:
A global website hosting: as simple as this: And no monthly fees!!!! No more lost data, easy to use, and fun to host your own website. And post publication management is also easy. wow.”

I hope the SAFE Network will rapidly expand from here, and that SAFE will rise to the moon! See here a screenshot of one of many newly hosted websites on the test Network:

Safe to the moon

You too can get started easily. Just go here, and follow the instructions at the end of this post.

If you have never heard of MaidSafe and the SAFE Network, but are interested in finding out its groundbreaking potential, then you should watch this short introductory video:



Homeschooled weirdoes and the culture of conformity

I just read this awesome article on FEE, entitled Homeschooled weirdoes and the culture of conformity.
Homeschooled kids may come off as ‘weird’ and their weirdness is truly due to the fact that they are simply differently socialized from those who are traditionally schooled. However, as Diane Flynn Keith says it:
“I hate to be the one to break it to you, but there’s nothing “normal” about our kids. Your homeschooled child is odd compared to the schooled population because they have not experienced ongoing school-based socialization and standardization. …
They haven’t been indoctrinated in the same way. They have not been steeped in the popular consumer culture to the degree that most schooled kids have been. They are not adult-phobic and peer-dependent.”
They are just considered ‘weird’ by their traditionally schooled peers, because they are not as much assimilated into the mainstream culture of conformity. Without the oppressive schooling experience that most children sadly have to endure, they are less likely to expect everyone else to think or behave the same as they do. When they see a person that acts differently, their semantic reflex is not “that kid is a weirdo”. Instead, they think “I don’t get him” or “I’m not into the same stuff he is”.
Homeschoolers outperform

What is MaidSafe and the SAFE Network

I first heard about MaidSafe and the SAFE Network in September 2015 when I and a colleague of mine at Eneco Holding were discussing Blockchain technology and several applications – most notably Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the SAFE Network. After our talk, I looked online for some explanatory videos and became extremely excited about the great opportunities that the SAFE Network was offering.

What is the SAFE Network? The SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone) Network is a network that was developed by a Scottish company called MaidSafe. The SAFE Network is basically a technology of decentralized data storage, effectively removing single point of server failures as it is made up of the unused hard drive space, processing power and data connection of its users. It offers a level of security and privacy not currently available on the existing Internet. It is entirely open source, which means that no one owns it. Whenever a file is uploaded on the network, it will be shredded into pieces, encrypted and distributed throughout the whole network – this makes your files safe and highly immune against hackers. The pieces are then only accessible for the owner. There will also be held several copies of the file on other machines. This means that when the user closes his computer, he would still have access to it.

The SAFE Network wiki gives a great example of its workings:

“A User uploads a 10 MB file. The file is split into 10 chunks (1 MB each) and made into 4 copies. This means there are 40 chunks spread out to 40 Vaults. When the User requests that file, they call on 40 Vaults. But only the fastest of each (4 Vaults per 1 MB chunk) are used to complete the retrieval. The speed at which the User can retrieve their completed file is limited by the fastest copy of the slowest 1 MB chunk arriving at their location.

Instead of a whole 10 MB file being called from only 4 Vaults… you call 40 (1 MB) chunks from 40 Vaults. This makes a BIG difference in retrieval speed.”

These two videos give good insight on what the SAFE Network is, and what it potentially means for its consumers’ privacy, security and internet freedom.

For a more detailed introduction into MaidSafe and how it compares to Bitcoin, I would like to urge you to read the SAFE Network forum.